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Dynamite Dough, The Star, 21 July 2007

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I was practically salivating over Alexandra Wong’s ‘passionate’ account with the “culinary marvel” that we Malaysians fondly call roti canai. ( Dynamite dough Weekender July 21)

I personally think that roti canai is often under-rated; one could never find this delight anywhere else, and even roti prata (its counterpart in the UK) could match up to its hype. It isn’t just merely a breakfast dish nor a plain mixture of simply “flour, water and ghee”; it unites Malaysians of all background and a perfect ice-breaker to strike off a conversation. Heck, it even serves as a great comfort food; a remedy for a broken heart – and do take my word on this.

Putting the typical tubs of ice cream and boxes of chocolates aside, how else could a broken heart be healed if not while dunking a “crispy delicacy of perfect filo pastry” into one heck of a fiery, flaming curry to accompany it?

Alas, although roti canai is fast gaining a notorious reputation as being part of the ‘bad’ food list, a bite or two wouldn’t really do much harm now, would it?

Plus, if only my local roti canai man comes in the shape “like an unshaven Viggo Mortensen”, I for one wouldn’t mind slaving myself off at the gym everyday to burn off the roti canai calories – just for the chance to gawk at him!

All hail to the roti canai!

Nazreen, Mersing

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