Saturday, September 27, 2008

Nostalgic over Nosh, The Star, 27 September 2008

These are some readers' responses to my article, Nostalgic over Nosh

I am one of your ardent fans who would eagerly turn the pages of the Weekender every Saturday morning to hunt down and read your article without delay. More than often, I would be touched by your sincere, genuine, authentic and straight from the heart sharing. It gives me a sense of warmth when I read them.

Even today's writing put a lump in my throat and my eyes were a bit wet as I read how you recalled your childhood memories of piano lessons and sandwiches. I agree its not just writing about food but also how it evokes us when we see the food operators put in their love, energy and passion to prepare the food for us to enjoy. Especially so if it comes with good and kind service with a personal touch.

I can often differentiate those operators who cook solely for money and those who cook with passion and love. Remember the young baker whom you wrote about recently? It is not about how much she could make from the bakeries but it is the love and authenticity she puts into her work.

It is also no different today that as I came to the end of your article, I reflected on how we live out our lives and calling. We can choose to do a mediocre job and collect our paycheck at the end of the month. Or we can go the extra mile and put in the love and passion to touch those we come in contact daily. I teach English in a private school for a living and come in contact with eight year old angels and rascals each school day.

It was after half a year of teaching them this year that I admitted to myself despite how naughty they can be I love each of them as my own. At the end of the year, without fail I would reluctantly say farewell to them with a lump in my throat and teary eyes. Well, that the ultimate satisfaction of my job. Its having the privilege to mould their lives for a year and seeing them move on.

That how I see our lives. We touch those whom we come in contact with daily through our love, care and action.

I learn something each time I read your writing. It helps me to reflect and appreciate those who have made a difference in our lives.

And you are one of them. Thanks for all the good sharing.

God bless you.

Lily Lee

My name is Mei Wan and I've recently become a fan of your writing after reading today's article about Thum's Burger and one two weeks back. I love how you describe the food! And there's personality just shining through. I just checked out your blog but it hasn't been updated since August! Just wanted to know if you write anything regularly which I can check online.

I'm currently an engineering student heading back to London pretty soon. I hate to leave the food behind... :( Anyway, just wanted to say thanks for writing an awesome article for me to read on a lazy Saturday.

Mei Wan