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Quaint little hamlet, 29 September 2007

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Never thought Karai would be featured in the papers.

I had the privilege to be acquainted with Karai when I was involved in the design of the new railway bridge across Sg Perak between 1999 and 2001.

There are these little gems of small quaint towns here and there, where every one knows each other and the pace of life not hurried. In my profession as a civil/bridge engineer, I am lucky to have experienced some of them.

I worry that these towns will not retain their character for another generation or two. We have a trend of urbanisation and the replacement population of these small, out of the way towns continue to be attracted to the bigger cities.

I envy that you can easily establish a base in Karai should you wish to. I can't - my family's roots are in Pudu and Sentul.



This is Evelyn here at her 50's.

It was amazing to come across such article all about Karai.

I was born there and it was my nest until when I was at the age of 19. Upon completion of my Form 5 studies, I decided to leave Karai, my hometown for some ventures.

There are probably 4 rubber stalls in Karai, two of the stall son was my primary school classmate. One of them has the surname of Goh and the other is Ng.

Feel wonderful to read the article and ancited to drop you a word of appreciation.

You have a good day.


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