Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Hug Those We Love, The Star, Nov 8, 2008

These are some responses to my article, Hug Those You Love (Nov 8).

Your article struck a chord in me. Ever since I finished high school, I realised I had become more expressive with my feelings, especially towards my parents.

The simple act of Muslim students kissing the hands of their parents gives me a warm fuzzy feeling inside. Our parents may not be used to such acts but I am confident that they somehow feel appreciated.

I know I would feel that way if I got affectionate hugs every now and then.

I am sorry that you never got to say goodbye to Pakcik. May he rest in peace. After I finish typing this, I am going to text my friends whom I have not met in a while.


I started sending birthday cards to my mum (who’s now passed away) when I went to Singapore to further my studies in 1981.

During my 13 years there, I would scribble words of love and gratitude in those carefully selected cards. After she passed away, my sister and I found all the cards we had mailed to her carefully kept in her wardrobe drawer. This really moved me.

Before my parents passed away, I had also begun hugging them and my siblings whenever we met in our hometown. It was much harder with my dad. He was the aloof, stern-looking, typical Chinese father. But later, he, too, softened up to the hugs.

Lily Lee

When I was nine, my beloved grandma passed away. I regret not taking more time to visit her. I miss her very much. May she and Pakcik Norhuda rest in peace.

Dunita Nabila

My mum cried when I didn’t perform well in my PMR. She worked hard to give me everything despite our financial constraints (my parents have a nasi lemak stall). When I saw her frustration and sorrow, I felt bad and promised myself to be a better daughter. Since then, I always kiss and hug my parents, and tell them how much I love them. They are conservative like your parents. But they eventually accepted my hugs and kisses. I’m so glad you make it a point to kiss and hug your parents everyday.


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